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Charlie Bears Collection

We are really excited to present this beautiful array of Charlie Bears collectables. Made by hand, these wonderful creations are packed full of charm and character. When you take a look through the range, you will be able to see the astounding level of detail which has gone into each design. Offering you a distinct personality and look, each Charlie Bear toy is just as memorable as the last. We have lots of cute & cuddly characters from a number of their collections, so you will be sure to find one which jumps out!

Charlie Bears Bearhouse collection

Charlie Bears made sure that their Bearhouse collection includes fun and friendly toys which will bring joy to younger children from 18 months and above. These non-jointed, soft toys are super snuggly, and so will be an ideal gift for the little ones. They are machine washable, so they are also easy to look after. But, most importantly, they are wonderfully cute little companions for kids, as well as being beautiful additions for collectors.

Charlie bears Isabelle collection

The Isabelle collection from Charlie Bears offers lots of intriguing and captivating options, with each bear being made from wonderful natural materials such as mohair and alpaca. Such is their design, they are recommended to be collected by those over the age of 14, as they need to be cleaned and handled with care. They feature fully jointed limbs and their overall appearance is absolutely stunning. Soft, gorgeously crafted and featuring some striking colours, these collectables would have pride of place in anyone'e collection.

Charlie Bears Minimo collection

The clue is in the name with the Minimo collection! These are tiny Charlie Bears creations; but don't let their size fool you. They have larger than life personalities! These adorable little toys bring have the same level of care and detail put into their creation, but this is all condensed into a cute miniature package. What is so great about this is that it means these Charlie Bears will not take up too much space, so there is always room for one more! You can even combine them with larger toys, as Minimo bears are designed to be able to sit in the laps of larger ones.

Adora Adora
3 in stock
Charlie Bears Adora the Guinea Pig Bearhouse Collection Adora From Charlie Bears Reference: BB193909 A cute guinea pig that will be a unique character in anyones Charlie Bear Collection Size: 11" (28cm) Bearhouse Bears are non-jointed Charlie Bears at great prices. Suitable from 18 months of age and fully machine washable. Designed by Isabelle Lee and co-designed by Charlotte Morris
Ayla Ayla
2 in stock
Charlie Bears Ayla the Traditional Bear Ayla From Charlie Bears Reference: CB171786A Ayla is a small, traditional looking bear, with tufted brown plush fur that has some light tipping and almost gives a wool look. She has the famous 'tickly toes', which means that her paw pads are sculpted and stitched. She has a hand-stitched nose and is finished off with a key pendant that has a heart on top. Ayla is from the Charlie Bears 2017 Collection. Designed by Isabelle Lee and co-designed by Charlotte Morris Size: 11.5" (29cm)
Barnum Barnum
2 in stock
Charlie Bears Barnum the Clown Bear 2019 Collection From Charlie Bears Reference: CB191926 Size: 20.5" (52cm) This funny clown bear will be a unique addition to your collection. Look out for his partner Giggleswick, they make a great pair. Barnum is from the Charlie Bears 2019 Collection. Designed by Isabelle Lee and co-designed by Charlotte Morris
Bijou Bijou
1 in stock
Charlie Bears Bijou the mini Unicorn Minimo Collection Charlie Bears Reference MM206069B Bijou is one of our three new Minimo unicorns! Bijou is a really enchanting characters and her little uni-horn is just too cute. Bijou has dainty hooves, a pink fluffy tail and a pink lustrous mane. She is fully jointed and hand finished making each one unique. Limited edition of only 600 pieces worldwide. Recommended for ages 14 years +
Bobble Bobble
3 in stock
Bobble From Charlie Bears Reference: CB185181 Size: 10" (25cm) His fur is in the traditional panda colours of black and white, which include the black teardrop markings on his eyes - He is accessorised with a red and green checked ribbon (not blue and green, as in the image). He is wobble jointed, so very floppy and "wobbly" - this isn't a fault, but part of his character!!
Brimble Brimble
3 in stock
Brimble By Charlie Bears CB202024B Designed by Isabelle Lee for Charlie Bears 2020 Anything is Pawsible Collection. Brimble is made of shades dark red & brown fur with longer fur on my head, a light brown muzzle with sculptured paws, brown stitched nose and wears a smart golden satin bow. Height 16 Inches /41 cms. Make sure that you meet his brother Hawkins too! This beautiful Bear is Fully jointed and hand finished and Surface Washable and Suitable for 3yrs +. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity Attached
Cabbage Rose Cabbage Rose
2 in stock
CABBAGE ROSE CB202045B From CHARLIE BEARS Size: 14" (36CM) Cabbage rose ears have dark grey tips and they are articulated with wire, so you can pose them. Her sweet rabbit nose and mouth are hand-stitched and the amber pupil eyes have white underneath. The big fluffy pads are sculpted and airbrushed for extra definition and she wears a delicate pink organza bow and carrot pendant.
Caesar Caesar
3 in stock
Charlie Bear - Caesar BB204012 Caesar the golden labrador has been made as a comforter meaning that he is really soft and tactile for a calming effect of children and adults alike. This Bearhouse character is made from sandy-coloured plush, he is non-jointed and is machine-washable. He also has a brother named Thaw who is a polar bear. Recommended for ages 18 months + Bear height: 44.5cm / 17.5" / 14 Bear Paws
Carrot Top Carrot Top
1 in stock
Carrot Top From Charlie Bears Reference CB202045A Carrot Top has poseable ears so you can play with her aswell as give her lots of cuddles. She wears an organza bow and a cute little carrot pendant with amazing detail. Recommended for ages over 3 yrs. Bear Height : 36cm/ 14"
Carrots Carrots
1 in stock
Carrots From Charlie Bears Reference: BB193908 Size: 11" (28cm) Charlie Bears Carrots is from the 2019 Bearhouse collection. Carrots is a Lop Earred Bearhouse bunny.
Charlie Bears - Berwin Charlie Bears - Berwin
1 in stock
Charlie Bears - Lee - CB202048a Charlie Bears - Lee - CB202048a
2 in stock
Lee  - Charlie Bears Ref CB202048A £92.00 Charlie Bears' Lee is a delightful teddy bear made from long pile dark tipped deep petrol blue plush and dense black plush which is beautifully soft. His nose and ears are made from soft grey mohair making him a Plumo bear (PLUsh and MOhair). He is part-pellet filled and he wears a frayed bootlace bow and a key around his neck. Lee is limited in production to 3,000 pieces worldwide. Size: 48cm / 19 inches 5-way jointed Age: 3+ Hand wash 30° CE mark
Charlie Bears - Lisa - CB2020007B Charlie Bears - Lisa - CB2020007B
2 in stock
Lisa - Charlie Bears Ref : CB202007B Charlie Bears' Lisa is an adorable teddy bear made from a combination of thick, faux wool and soft and silky long dark tipped plush in dreamy shades of dusky lavender, lilac and white. Her nose and ears are made from soft lilac and white mohair making her a Plumo bear (PLUsh and MOhair) and her hand embroidered nose is accented with airbrushing. She is part-pellet filled and she wears a gorgeous cream ribbon bow around her neck. Lisa is limited in production to 3,000 pieces worldwide. Size: 36cm / 14 inches 5-way jointed Age: 3+ Hand wash 30° CE mark
Charlie Bears - Marisa Charlie Bears - Marisa
1 in stock
Marisa by Charlie Bears Refereance number: CB202028A Marisa is a beautiful Panda from the Charlie Bear range,  her fur is a combination of long and soft straight fluffy plush and a smooth dense plush fabric in shades of dusky grey purple and pink toned lilac plush. She is part-pellet filled and she wears a gorgeous pink ribbon bow around her neck. Her hand embroidered nose is highlighted with lighter threads and she has cleverly sculpted foot pads with stitching details. Size: 51cm / 20 inches 5-way jointed Age: 3+ Hand wash 30° CE mark
Charlie Bears - Mimic Charlie Bears - Mimic
2 in stock
Charlie Bear - Mimic CB202075


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