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House of Marbles Games

We are really excited to present this brilliant collection of House of Marbles toys. This collection brings together the best of classic games as well as new games which are just as engaging. House of Marbles put lots of time and effort into creating each and every one of their products, and this very much shows in the level of detail and originality of their toys. Have a browse through this fantastic collection and you will be sure to find plenty of interesting creations that will lead to hours upon hours of fun!

For all the family

Games and toys for kids, as well as adults, are at their best when they are at their most engaging. It is heartening to know that in the modern world these classics are still sometimes the most effective way to allay boredom. Once you get going with these puzzles and games from House of Marbles, it really is difficult to stop! They might just become family favourites over the holidays and there is just as much fun to be had for the grownups here as there is for younger ones.

Classic games

Take a look through this range and you will see that there are lots of awesome designs to choose from. Some of the games such as office golf sets would be brilliant for breaks at work. Then there are some games such as bottle top bullseye, bingo and blow football which are absolute classic parlour games. These have stood the test of time for good reason! Whether you are on holiday, or at home during a rainy weekend, you will always find that these games come in handy for an hour or two of fun.

Beautifully designed

If you are looking for a gift for kids, or indeed looking for a fun present for your house or your office, then there will be lots for you to explore here too. Unsurprisingly for House of Marbles, there are also plenty of fun marble based games! These games will be great for the whole family. Beautifully crafted, and cleverly put together, you can't go wrong with House of Marbles toys and games!

House of Marbles - 30 Piece Marble Run House of Marbles - 30 Piece Marble Run
5 in stock
30 Piece Marble Run A fascinating toy for young children which requires dexterity & imagination. Our sets are bright, durable & appealing. This marble run is 30 pieces, with marbles provided as extra pieces.
House of Marbles - Bingo House of Marbles - Bingo
3 in stock
Bingo An entertaining game of chance for the whole family – we’ve bingo-ing bonkers over this retro-styled set! Dimensions 32.3 × 4.4 × 17.3 cm
House of Marbles - Blow Football Game House of Marbles - Blow Football Game
4 in stock
Blow Football Game Great fun for all the family, this vintage-style set contains two goalies, balls, blow tubes and a mini trophy for the winner. A game of skill, dexterity and puff! Dimensions 18.8 × 8.1 × 17.5 cm
House of Marbles - Bottle Top Bulls Eye House of Marbles - Bottle Top Bulls Eye
4 in stock
Bottle-Top Bullseye Game A magnetic target for beer bottle tops giving sage advice if you give a toss.
House of Marbles - Desktop Magnetic Sculpture House of Marbles - Desktop Magnetic Sculpture
8 in stock
Desktop Magnetic Sculpture One of Those Magnetic Desktop Toy Things Counter Display Stack up the little magnetic men in lots of amusing and weird positions and then knock them down. A strangely entertaining and useful distraction or stress reliever at work! Dimensions 7.8 × 4 × 10.8 cm
House of Marbles - Diablo House of Marbles - Diablo
4 in stock
Diablo A professional quality Diabolo in an eye-catching display with full instructions. Diabolos have been used for decades to create optical illusions & tricks to entertain & amuse. * available in red or blue
House of Marbles - Dominos House of Marbles - Dominos
11 in stock
Dominoes Classic game for all the family – dominoes can be a simple game to play with children or a highly-contested battle to play in the pub! This exciting version comes with heavy duty double sixers and full instructions. Dimensions 22 × 2.2 × 4.5 cm
House of Marbles - Jacobs Ladder House of Marbles - Jacobs Ladder
18 in stock
Jacobs Ladder Jacob’s Ladder is a fascinating and absorbing Victorian toy with an interesting history. It’s an amazing contraption made of slats of wood bound cleverly together with ribbons, and it’s movements seem impossible to the eye. Known as ‘Magic Tablets’ by the Spanish, this toy has also been highly favoured over the years as it is a quiet toy!
House of Marbles - Marble Games House of Marbles - Marble Games
5 in stock
Marble Game A great set of marble games for the whole family. Includes a lovely selection of assorted marbles in various sizes, a miniature wooden archboard, dice and instructions for lots of fun games. Dimensions 24 × 4 × 4.5 cm
House of Marbles - Traditional Playing Cards House of Marbles - Traditional Playing Cards
35 in stock
Playing Cards Counter Display A basic pack of playing cards is an essential for every home and our pack is great value and good quality. Includes a fold-out leaflet giving instructions for the play of Knockout, Whist, Pontoon, Palmanism, Brag, Black, Maria and Chase the Ace. Dimensions 6 × 2.5 × 9 cm


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