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Animal Teddy Bears

Animal teddy bears are always undeniably cute. There is something about those mini animals and their soft, snuggly fur that makes them perfectly comforting toys. We have a collection of animal teddies at Foxy Lots which ranges from rabbits to dogs to peacocks and more. We love the small detail in their faces, the mobile joints in their arms and legs, their soft, cushioned feel and their vibrant and realistic colours. All these touches and so much more make for teddy bears which are just as great to snuggle up to as to admire for the craft which has gone into the finished product.

Charlie Bears animals

Charlie Bears are a highly respected teddy bear producer who always pack so much character into each one of their designs. All their animal teddy bears have names, and some even have friends or family members who you can also purchase to make a cute little team. Some of the animals come in pairs, such as the adorable Jack and Jill mice. Others, such as the grand peacock called Columbo, more than make enough of a bold and fabulous statement on their own!

Teddy bear pets

We like to think of many of these little creatures as teddy bear pets. Their cat teddy bear and Golden Labrador teddy bear might for instance be part of the family just as much as real canine or feline friends. The little cat called Rodders sits upright with head tilted in that same way that cats gaze so curiously at something which catches their eye. We also can't help but adore the rabbit teddy bear designs. One teddy bear rabbit is larger and fluffy, with ears curving outwards from its head. The other smaller bunny is just as lovable, with smoother ears which hang down and just ask to be stroked.

Wide range of animals

Of course there aren't just animals which you would expect to find in homes. Go further afield with the magnificent lion teddy, or the cheeky little orangutan. This wonderful ape features soft, plush fur which moves from shades of vivid ginger to taupe, with a stylish little tuft of brown hair on the top of the head to complete the look!

Charlie Bears - Dale - Koala Charlie Bears - Dale - Koala new
1 in stock
Dale - Koala Bear From Charlie Bears Dale is a cuddly Koala made from bear-utifully soft plush fur. He wears a smart neckerchief and is just waiting to join your hug! Look out for his koala cousin Glen too. Recommended for ages 3 years + Bear height: 37cm/14.5"/12Bear Paws
Charlie Bears - Adora - Guinea Pig Charlie Bears - Adora - Guinea Pig new
3 in stock
Charlie Bears Adora the Guinea Pig Bearhouse Collection Adora From Charlie Bears Reference: BB193909 A cute guinea pig that will be a unique character in anyones Charlie Bear Collection Size: 11" (28cm) Bearhouse Bears are non-jointed Charlie Bears at great prices. Suitable from 18 months of age and fully machine washable. Designed by Isabelle Lee and co-designed by Charlotte Morris
Charlie Bears - Cabbage Rose - Rabbit Charlie Bears - Cabbage Rose - Rabbit new
2 in stock
CABBAGE ROSE CB202045B From CHARLIE BEARS Size: 14" (36CM) Cabbage rose ears have dark grey tips and they are articulated with wire, so you can pose them. Her sweet rabbit nose and mouth are hand-stitched and the amber pupil eyes have white underneath. The big fluffy pads are sculpted and airbrushed for extra definition and she wears a delicate pink organza bow and carrot pendant.
Charlie Bears - Caesar - Golden Labrador Charlie Bears - Caesar - Golden Labrador new
2 in stock
Charlie Bear - Caesar BB204012 Caesar the golden labrador has been made as a comforter meaning that he is really soft and tactile for a calming effect of children and adults alike. This Bearhouse character is made from sandy-coloured plush, he is non-jointed and is machine-washable. He also has a brother named Thaw who is a polar bear. Recommended for ages 18 months + Bear height: 44.5cm / 17.5" / 14 Bear Paws
Charlie Bears - Carrot Top - Rabbit Charlie Bears - Carrot Top - Rabbit new
1 in stock
Carrot Top From Charlie Bears Reference CB202045A Carrot Top has poseable ears so you can play with her aswell as give her lots of cuddles. She wears an organza bow and a cute little carrot pendant with amazing detail. Recommended for ages over 3 yrs. Bear Height : 36cm/ 14"
Charlie Bears - Columbo - Peacock (Bearhouse) Charlie Bears - Columbo - Peacock (Bearhouse) new
2 in stock
Columbo From Charlie Bears Reference: BB173083 Columbo is a beautiful peacock designed by Isabelle Lee, made from short, colourful plush with a stunning blue body and intricate detailing. Add a vibrant burst of colour to your Charlie Bears collection with this magnificent bird you'll never tire of admiring. Suitable for ages 18 months+ Height: 36.6cm (14.4")
Charlie Bears - Fiddy Orangatangue Charlie Bears - Fiddy Orangatangue new
3 in stock
Fiddy From Charlie Bears Reference: BB193904 Size: 15" (38cm) Charlie Bears Fiddy is from the 2019 Bearhouse collection. He is made from long plush fur in shades of ginger and taupe, with a brown tuft on his head. The fur on his muzzle is short, to show off his sweet eyes and the detailing around his nose.
Charlie Bears - Hide - Meerkat Charlie Bears - Hide - Meerkat new
1 in stock
Hide From Charlie Bears Ref CB161689 1,2 miss a few 99,100 - Hide and Seek never tire of this game. Now you could almost be forgiven for mistaking them as twins but the two brothers have their own unique personalities and markings and whilst using the same plush in both dark brown, pale cream and mink, the placing of the fabric has given them their own special look. Each of the characters are fully jointed but able to stand like a real meerkat which is helped by their lovely little tail for added balance. Both of the characters also have bent paws and each have a differently coloured hand stitched nose. Inspired by a trip to Adelaide Zoo in early 2015 at the same time as spending hours with the pandas we got the most wonderful picture of two meerkats and spent nearly as much time observing their playful but ever watchful nature. The challenge was on a meerkat had to make it into the next collection. . Height 11 Inches /28 cms
Charlie Bears - Hunny Bunny - Rabbit Charlie Bears - Hunny Bunny - Rabbit new
1 in stock
Charlie Bear - Hunny Bunny ref cb202044a Hi all I am Hunny Bunny from the mini Group. A Fluffle of Bunnies. I am made from Shades of Light Brown and Brown and White Soft fur, with Stitched Paws Pink hand stitched nose and wears a pink Ribbon in a bow and has a pink Flower, oh and Check out My Ears and Tail. Height 14 Inches /36 cms Bear family Willa, Wendy Cabbage Rose and Carrot Tops This beautiful Rabbit is Fully jointed and hand finished and Surface Washable and Suitable for 3yrs +. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity Attached
Charlie Bears - Jack & Jill - Mice Charlie Bears - Jack & Jill - Mice new
1 in stock
Jack and Jill From Charlie Bears Reference CB2052530 Jack and Jill are from the mini series 'Nursery Rhyme Series' from Charlie Bears 2020 Collection 'Anything is Pawsible!' Jack and Jill are a pair of cute mice characters, made from soft soft plush. Jack is a light grey colouring whilst Jill is a delicate purple. Both fully jointed Limited edition of 1000 pieces Sizes 13 Inches / 33cm
Charlie Bears - Keys - Goat Charlie Bears - Keys - Goat new
2 in stock
Keys Reference - CB205240 From Charlie Bears As part of Charlie Bears' Queen's Beasts collection, Keys is a limited edition yale crafted from short plush fur, featuring hand embroidered nose, mouth and toe details. The mythical Keys will make a very special addition to your Charlie Bears collection, to be treasured for years to come. Designed by Alison Mills One of only 2000 worldwide Suitable for ages 3+ Height: 53.3cm (21")
Charlie Bears - Kiddiewink - Goat Charlie Bears - Kiddiewink - Goat new
1 in stock
Charlie Bear - Kiddiwink ref 14.09.2020 Hi all I am Kiddiewink a Lovely Cuddly sort of Goat. I am made from Soft Grey and White and Black Fur with Black Noseand a Cute Hairy on My Chinny Chin Cnin. Height 13 Inches /33 cms This beautiful Bear is NON jointed and hand finished and Machine Washable and Suitable for 18 months +. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity Attached
Charlie Bears - Milo - Greyhound Charlie Bears - Milo - Greyhound new
1 in stock
Milo By Charlie Bears CB205240 Designed by Alison Mills for Charlie Bears 2020 Anything is Pawsible Collection. From the Queens Beasts Mini Series. Milo is a Greyhound, made of white and grey fur, also having sculptured paws. Height 23 Inches /58 cms Numbered Limited Edition of 2000 Pieces Worldwide. This beautiful Greyhound is Fully jointed and hand finished and Surface Washable and Suitable for 3yrs +. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity Attached
Charlie Bears - Mimic - Parat Charlie Bears - Mimic - Parat new
2 in stock
Charlie Bear - Mimic CB202075
Charlie Bears - Peeps - Mouse Charlie Bears - Peeps - Mouse new
2 in stock
Peeps From Charlie Bears Reference: CB175133B Peeps is made from a soft, white plush fabric. He has dark eyes, a pink hand-stitched nose, big ears and a long pink suedette tail. He is accessoried with a twine style neck tie. Peeps is from the Charlie Bears 2017 Collection. Designed by Alison Mills and co-designed by Charlotte Morris Size: 12" (30cm)
Charlie Bears - Rodders - Cat Charlie Bears - Rodders - Cat new
2 in stock
Rodders Charlie Bears Referance number CB202050 Bear Height : 37cm/ 14.5" Rodders is made from plush fur in greys and white with a fluffy tail and paws. She wears a delicate white organza bow with an added flower sewn on.
Charlie Bears - Truffles - Pig Charlie Bears - Truffles - Pig new
2 in stock
Truffles From Charlie Bears Reference: CB171765 Size: 13" (33cm) Truffles is a fully jointed micro pig! Truffles is from the Charlie Bears 2017 Collection. Designed by Alison Mills and co-designed by Charlotte Morris Hand wash cool, with care.
Charlie Bears - Wendy - Rabbit Charlie Bears - Wendy - Rabbit new
2 in stock
Wendy From Charlie Bears Ref: cb202046b Wendy is made from the softest plush in a grey and white colouring. She has long floppy rabbit ears with a dark grey detailing at the ends. Complete with a white and pink collar ruff. Measures 45cm tall From the 2020 Collection Made from plush Fully jointed Product code CB202046B NOT SUITABLE for children under 3 years old
Charlie Bears - Willa - Rabbit Charlie Bears - Willa - Rabbit new
2 in stock
Charlie Bears - Willa She has high quaility, sumptiously soft caramel and cream fur that has lots of light tipping, so she will feel wonderful when you stroke her. The lovely long caramel lop ears have brown tips and the stitched paw pads are made with two different fabrics, adding even more detail to this stunning rabbit. The muzzle has been gently trimmed to show her cute peach hand-stitched nose and mouth and her dark expressive eyes peep out from under the fur, just asking for a hug. Willa has a fluffy tail and is accessorised with a delicate and fancy crochet collar, which finishes off the look of her perfectly. This exquisite rabbit is sure to melt a lot of hearts and if you love her, look out for her friend WENDY who is similar, as they are a lovely bunny pairing. Willa is from the Charlie Bears 2020 Collection.
Charlie Bears - Winco Hopper - Grasshopper Charlie Bears - Winco Hopper - Grasshopper new
1 in stock
Winco Hopper From Charlie Bears Reference: CB195207 Winco Hopper is fully jointed and in fact has 11 joints so is extremely poseable. He has additional facial and feet sculpturing to help create his character. Winco Hopper is a numbered limited edition of only 600 pieces worldwide and will arrive with a certificate of authenticity and a newly designed presentation box Height 18 Inches /46 cms
Charlie Bears - ZigZag - aardvark Charlie Bears - ZigZag - aardvark new
1 in stock
ZigZag From Charlie Bears Reference: BB193902 Size: 14" (36cm) Charlie Bears ZigZag is from the 2019 Bearhouse collection. Bearhouse Bears are non-jointed Charlie Bears at great prices. Suitable from 18 months of age and fully machine washable. Designed by Isabelle Lee and co-designed by Charlotte Morris


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