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Christmas Dinner Table Games

There are many feasts to be had over the Christmas period with family and friends alike. If you want to keep the fun going after the meals have been had, then we would highly recommend you checking out these wonderful Christmas dinner table games. We have brought together a wide collection of House of Marbles games which all have a lovely festive theme to them. These games will be fun for all ages and so would be a great option as Christmas day table games with all the family.

House of Marbles solitaire

Sometimes the classic games are still very much the best, and this is the case with the centuries-old game of solitaire. This classic coffee table game of skill and strategy will be a great choice for the festive period. You will be setting up a family solitaire league table in no time! As well as being a fun game for the family, the House of Marbles board is also made out of attractive high quality wood, with each game coming with its full compliment of beautiful colourful glass marbles.

Christmas snap card game

There is also lots of fun to be had with House of Marbles range of festive card games. There is a Christmas themed happy families set, as well as festive snap! These fun little card games will be perfect stocking fillers. As well as being great for the dinner table, they will be there for those times through Christmas day when everyone is chilling out having some sofa time. They can be played anywhere and they feature lots of joyful Christmas illustrations which will fit the mood perfectly.

Snowman bowling game

The snowman bowling game is an excellent table top game for a bit of after dinner fun. The bowling pins are made in miniature and are in the shape of snowmen. The set is made out of wood in the traditional style and it all comes in a cotton bag so that it is easy to store. You should also take a look at the O Deer game if you want a lively and entertaining game that will have everyone on their feet. All the participants stick on a pair of inflatable horns and must try to avoid others getting their hoops on the horns - this will be sure to get everyone's energy levels up!

House of Marbles - Christmas Game - O-Deer! House of Marbles - Christmas Game - O-Deer! new
1 in stock
O-DEER CHRISTMAS GAME From House of Marbles Part of our range of great festive Christmas toys & games. Dance around the drawing room with a wobbly rack of rubbery antlers on your head trying to avoid being hooped by party players. Hilarious!! Measures approx: 26 x 26 x 4 cms
House of Marbles - Christmas Game - Stuff the Turkey House of Marbles - Christmas Game - Stuff the Turkey
3 in stock
CHRISTMAS STUFF THE TURKEY GAME From the House of Marbles The answer to the perpetual Christmas issue: How to stuff a turkey! Probably the funniest game ever invented – containing a stand-up turkey board, 4 very realistic brussel sprouts & 4 party blowers. See if you can get your sprouts in the right place! Box size approx: 26 x 26 x 4 cms
House of Marbles - Game - Solitair House of Marbles - Game - Solitair new
1 in stock
STANDARD MARBLE SOLITAIRE From House of Marbles A well made wooden puzzle which has baffled the best of minds for centuries! A perplexing coffee-table game which includes a colourful set of glass marbles & a high quality board fashioned from beautiful Sheesham wood. Marble solitaire board diameter: 22 cm / 9 inches approx Box measures approx: 23.5 x 23.5 x 4 cms This set will come with small 14 – 16 mm marbles. Marbles may vary slightly from those pictured.


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