Kaycee Bears

Kaycee Bears

Kaycee Bears - Teddy Bears & Dragons exclusivley designed and hand-crafted here in the UK.

Kaycee Bears creator Kelsey had been making hand-made teddy bears for approximately 25 years before launching her very own collection "Kaycee Bears".  Located in the heart of Lincolnshire, Kelsey designs and creates all the bears and dragons in each collection, it is then that her talented and dedicated team make and hand-scultp each and every bear or dragon. The materials used are all carefully chosen by Kelsey herself, selecting only the finest quality mohair and faux fur. Cashmere is used for the foot pads and glass eyes are also hand-crafted here in the UK. The final finishing touch is that each Kaycee Bear born has a crystal inserted into its footpad. Each creation is unique in its own way and limited quantities make them all the more collectable.  

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